Theory Of Everything And Absolute Nothing

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............ FAILURE OF BIG BANG…….
Arvind Kant Sagar(B.Sc,M.C.A,M.Sc,Qualified UPCET for Phd.physics)
And Aditya Chauhan(B.Sc,M.Sc)
Description Big Bang model of Universe creation does not explain the formation of matter and also remains unanswered that what was there before the Big Bang. Our theory tells that how and why matter is formed in the Universe. Our theory tells that space, matter and energy are the integral part of one single entity and are interconvertible. This entity is eternal. It can be visualized as the two faces of a coin separated by an interface and that interface here is representing the space which is the dominating feature of the single entity. Minimum Possible Temperature of Matter is, at that instant at which space is converted into matter and the Maximum possible temperature of matter is, at that instant at which matter is converted into space. Temperature and pressure are the properties of matter not the space. This theory tells about the absolute nothing i.e. absence of space, matter and energy in the space itself and its mathematical representation shows , that how an empty or null set is present in the Universal set.
This theory defines gravity, is not the property of mass it is just the tendency of mass to follow the rotating vortex fields or to follow the dynamic space fields no matter in which way and direction.
Black hole is a massless body because there is a absolute nothing in it.

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