School of the Nations

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Description The School of the Nations Traditional Chinese: 聯國學校; Simplified Chinese: 联国学校; Jyutping (Cantonese): lyun4 gwok3 hok6 haau6; Pinyin (Mandarin): lián guó xué xiào<nowiki>Mandarin] is a Bahá'í-inspired school in the Taipa, Macau community. It is owned by the Badi Foundation. In 1988, as the result of the efforts of a number of Macau residents and the Government of Macau, the School was established. As an international school, it provides an internationally oriented English-medium educational program that meets the needs of both expatriate and local families.HistoryThe school opened in January 1988 with 5 students, all of whom were enrolled in the kindergarten. Within a few months, though, the demand from concerned parents for more grade levels resulted in the decision to expand to a full primary school for the academic year 1988- 1989. In 1990-1991 the school moved into new premises allowing the school to enroll approximately 200 students (a 100% increase over the preceding year). A 35% increase for the academic year 1991-1992 and a 29% increase for 1992-1993 brought the school to a critical condition of overcrowding; to accommodate the influx of new students, in 1994 the school began to lease commercial properties and converted them into classrooms.

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