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About The Best Fitted Shirt on the Planet. Teddy Stratford shirts are handmade in New York City and are exclusively available at www.TeddyStratford.com
Description Through innovative engineering not seen in western clothing design, Teddy Stratford has created the Zip-Fit shirt. A button down shirt that fits closer to the body without pulling at the buttons.

The Story:
When company founder Bryan Davis was pulled over for speeding in Bangkok, he noticed that the police officer's shirt fit him exceptionally well. After slipping the officer some cash for the location of the Thai police tailor, Bryan set off on a mission to have a Thai police uniform made for him. At the tailor he discovered the secret to the fit of the officer's shirt: it zipped instead of buttoning. By placing a zipper behind a placket of non-functioning buttons, the tailor had created a closer fitting shirt without causing pulls at the buttons or ripples around the torso.

Bryan took the shirt back to the States where he designed his first Zip Shirt for the staff of his lounge in Miami Beach. Since forming Teddy Stratford Apparel, he and his team have perfected the singular fit of the Zip Shirt and, employing the finest shirting fabrics available, created what they believe to be the best fitted shirt on the planet so faithfully that they guarantee it.
Web site www.teddystratford.com

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