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About Coach Gill Schumaker, Ace Certified Personal Trainer, Certified ChiRunning Instructor and RRCA Certified Endurance Running Coach. The doctors and surgeon said I would never run again. What they didn't know about was the gift Danny Dreyer, the founder an
Description For 15 years I’ve been helping runners of various levels, athletes and every Joe & Jane improve their speed, endurance and total fitness.

As Certified Chi Running Instructor, I help runners understand how their running form might be limiting their progress or contributing to their injuries. I love to help athletes learn about the benefits of Chi Running.

AS a Certified Personal Trainer, I conduct Small Group Personal Training Classes for Total Body Conditioning. Some classes are specifically for Runners as cross-training. These classes feature exercise that place emphasis on more than one major body part or region.

These ongoing clases are designed to help every Joe and Jane lose ugly fat, tone their body and meet weight loss goals, strengthen their core and increase flexibility and balance, which in turn leads to better athletic form, faster times and toned bodies.

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