Colour Power

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About Chroma science can enhance our lives with tremendous amount of subtlety yet unbelievable precision. The power of colours are quite outstanding and the results of using them can be most rewarding
Description Things to remember before using colours:

Colours never do any harm. Each colour has its own wavelength by which it enters our mind and in turn channelizes the energies around us to make our lives better and more meaningful

Never bother about the details of it, like size, shape or position. For example if you were going to use the colour red, you could use it in the form of anything, like a pen, a bangle, a dress, a tie, a bed sheet or even a pillow. Always remember that when you want something good to happen to your life and you do things with a pure heart, all these petty little things will take care of themselves

Colours will work for you only and only if you believe in fact that they will. If you do all that is told and still don’t believe in it, nothing will ever change. Your mind has to accept the presence of colours in your life. You may not even have to see them, neither do other people. Only your mind needs know that they are being used, which is why even for a blind person, colours will work just as it would for someone normal. He just needs to know and believe in what he is doing with colours

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