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Description Every girl probably dreams of having a grand wedding. They think of all the glamorous things their minds could ever understand just to make their weddings really memorable with Specially Bangladeshi Sarees. Bangladeshi Elegance Jamdani sarees are much sought after by fashion conscious professional women in Bangladesh for their elegance. Dakhai Jamdani sarees have a distinct feature for its most artistic and expensive ornamental fabric, unique designs which are completely handmade by members of the weaver’s (tanti) community.Unlike Toronto marriage ceremonies, matchmakers known as Ghotoks, who are normally relatives or friends of both the couple’s families, arrange Bangladesh traditional weddings. These matchmakers facilitate any settlements between the couple. This is where the introduction of the couple to each other is facilitated. By far the most populous in Bangladeshi population who have Bangladesh traditional weddings are the Bengalis tribe. The event takes place in five essential elements; firstly is the groom and bride’s Mehendi Shondha, Gaye Holud for the bride, Gaye Holud for the groom, the Beeya, and finally the Traditional sarees.

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