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Description Tony Reid's Realty was established in 1992 to provide a Real Estate and Financial Service to the Guyanese public by a retired Bank Executive. As the company serves the Nation beyond the call, blessings in the form of great ideas flow from the mind of the management who added the following goals to the company's Mission Statement.

1. Sales of Million US dollar Riverside Properties.
2. Resort Development and Tourism
3. Agriculture Promotion and Holistic Farming
4. Minding and Precious Stones
5. Small Town Development.

Tony Reid’s Realty is known for the vision of Cosmic Foresight to direct all, to where Guyana's wealth is asleep, crying to be manifest. See Tony Reid’s Realty for Wealth Creation

Amazon Development is a Real Estate Development Company based in Guyana with the main objective to developing Resort Tourism of a unique type in the area of the Amazon that would delight the world about God's Glory and His wonderful hands in the South America and Amazon Region where the Lungs of the Planet will be preserved.

For over 16 years Amazon Development and Real Estate Company has exemplified excellence in property management throughout the Georgetown, East Coast areas, from stunning Architecture to Luxurious modern homes for Sale or Rental in high rising living

We also specialize in 1000 of Acres of Land for Holistic Medicine, Agriculture, Hydro power, Soya Bean Production, Fresh Amazon Fish, Diamond Mining, Gold Mining, and Forestry, Private Waterfront Lands, Amerindian land Development to the Largest Resort City like Las Vegas Investing in the Amazon which borders Venezuela and Brazil.

Using your wonderful Imagination to create your Heaven where all year the climate is warm, breezy and it know as the land of Green Amazon with the best Hot & Cold Lakes, Golf Course, Island Villas, Horse Riding on Mountains, Rodeos , Regatta, Waterfalls and Rivers that is filled with Diamond Mining, Gold Mining, and other Precious Stones.

Come take what the Universe has for you, this feeling will bring fulfillment.

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