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About To be a world-beating data recovery/security services company by investing in our communities and delivering innovative products and extraordinary service through exceptional employees!
Description Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd was founded in 1994 with a vision of providing data recovery services, which were then yet-to-occur phenomena. Unistal is brainchild of pioneers in the anti-virus technology, who had foresighted the need of data recovery technology. We rocked the data recovery market, which was still in its infant age then, with our very first product—Quick Recovery software. As expected, Quick Recovery turned out to be a massive hit in the market with tens of thousands of computer users showing interest into it.

The initial success was mere teaser of unscalable potential of Unistal. Innovations continued to take place at Unistal and we soon came up with a better recovery module. The module was relatively speedier, safer and ensured effective results. Soon after initial success, we again bombed the industry with ‘Crash Proof’. The module soon broke the myth that data loss was permanent. Crash Proof made sure that data was 100% immortal and secure from every possible disaster. In fact, we were the first one to break out as a proactive solution provider. Our success story took the data recovery industry to completely a new level with more ideas/concepts popping up. Competition since then has certainly grown but still we rank no.1. We are simply the best in what we do.
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