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About A new kind of brand featuring Christian jewelry, Christian clothing, Christian gifts and more -
Description God has many ways in which He directs our lives. For me, I had just resigned from my job as an IT professional with no clear "next step" other than my God was tugging my heart to do more for His Kingdom.

After stepping out of the corporate world (aka Freedom LOL), I was in desperate need for some R and R and decided to take our 2 year old twins on a trip to see the grandparents in Tennessee. After a good 3 weeks without conference calls, emails and daily grind, we returned home.

It was during the ride home that, for the first time, I felt God starting to define my "next step". It was the concept of a Christian Lifestyle company that would provide products like Christian clothing and Christian gifts that enabled Christians to easily share their faith, and ultimately bring them together through the new world of Social Networking.

Like a high-speed download, the foundation of the company was formed around the "Life is better with Jesus", and "Its all about the grace" slogans -- all while I was driving along. They were simple enough messages that anyone, young or old, could understand, yet it also reminded us that even when things seem to be going bad, when we have challenges, life is always better with Jesus. We should praise Him because it truly is through His grace that we have eternal life.

Arriving home with my mind spinning, I started working right away. I was blessed to find that my proposed company name "" was available. It was catchy and correctly described the type of company I envisioned.

Soon I had an internet presence with my web site, Facebook, Twitter, etc. My IT background became a critical skill set needed to grow this company on the web. However, as an IT guy, I knew nothing about retail marketing, on-line marketing, or advertising. It would take a miracle to get this going, but I was determined to give it my best effort.

Within the first 4 weeks, we were full-steam ahead. Our social network had reached over 5000 Facebook fans and had 100 Tee Shirts ordered. And the Facebook fan base has continued to grow to this day. I decided to expand my line to other products and began to pray about how I could fulfill the lifestyle goal of this vision. We established a prayer line, where on Wednesdays fans make prayer requests and then are encouraged to pray for each other, which we do here as well.

We are now in our second year since this dream began and, it's been a blessing. But it's also been an extreme makeover of our life, as with any new business experiences going through start-up. Sales continue to climb and we have moved into a small (very small) warehouse space. And the 8 hour day I used to work is only a memory. Now it can be 18. However, when I compare the joy I receive from interacting with Christians daily and compare it to sitting at a computer and managing, fixing, and responding to requests for updates of computer programs ... well there is no comparison. My prayer is that God will continue to provide the ability for me to continue in this business and that through this business, the ministry goals associated with it will change lives.

For His Kingdom,

Bob Van Zandt & Family
Mission #Inspire. #Restore. #Empower. We are advancing God's kingdom by giving back to ministries who are sharing the love of Christ around the world.
Overview We're working to provide tools, like Christian clothing and Christian jewelry for Christians to use in their daily life to help them share their faith with friends, family and co-workers.

Our designs, while not works of art, realign some popular themes to a more Christian centric perspective.

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