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About The Official Facebook Page of Actor Danny Trejo aka MACHETE
Description Welcome To The Official Facebook Page of Danny Trejo. Any material posted on THIS page will be read by actor Danny Trejo himself.

It's inspiring to have so many fans and friends who take the time to contact me through Facebook, here on my official page, and on the Fan pages some of you have put up for me. Thanks to all of you, and I will do my best to provide new and interesting stuff for you to check out when you visit.

However, some people have put up pages that are listed as 'official' pages, with names like Real Danny Trejo and others. They are not. This is the only page that I am on, and the only one where you will be sure to post to me.

While it's very flattering that these people think so much of me, it's not cool to pretend you are me.

Don't do it.
Web site http://dannytrejo.net/

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