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About Founded in 1996, A. Sawyer Productions (Costumes) began as a way to meet the increasing number of requests for personalized, period costumes to be created for individuals desiring a good fit, unique design, and a pretty darned accurate historical feel.
Description As a history buff, I enjoy immensely creating bespoke, historically accurate garments for people who care about how they look. You may opt for either machine-stitched, or hand-stitched construction. Both are available, one takes much longer.

I use the same approach for other costumes, like the Casa Mos-A Jedi garments.

Ruffs and cuffs, and the supporting garment details, including underclothes, feature prominently in creating an accurate silhouette. I am one of the few people out there who make standing open ruffs and supportasses with any accuracy to their original, historic, construction.

I lived, for a time, in Paris, during which I studied fine applied metalwork on period textiles (historic embroidery). I am available to do period embroidery as well, but the lead and turn-around time is longer, as materials need to be imported, and hand-work of that complexity takes time.
Overview I specialize in accurately creating and re-creating garments from pre-1800, and Star Wars Jedi-related garments, from original designs inspired by the films and the Old Republic.

I am an owner-operator, so I focus only on one project (yours) at a time.

I also do character work, because it's just fun (see Prunella).


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