Sylcraft Hand-Knitting

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About Beautiful, quality, hand-knit clothing and accessories all crafted by one pair of gifted hands!
Description To put a name and a face behind the label Sylcraft, meet its namesake, Sylvia Burkett, born Sylvia June Bridson, March 26, 1942 in Manchester, England, UK.

Sylvia is a 65 year veteran of the art having begun her knitting career at the ripe old age of five years. She remained in Manchester, England until 1999 when she, her husband Wayne and their beautiful French Sheepdog, Honey moved to the United States, specifically Mobile, Alabama, where they currently reside.

Sylvia has never slowed down for a moment with her knitting throughout all those years. What started as a hobby, over the years grew into a business and is now an art. To many it is an art without equal.

Master of the knitting needles, her wares are being worn by men, women and children all across Europe and the US. Having resided in Manchester she was surrounded by the famous mills of Lancashire from which she still obtains many of her yarns. Her speciality is the knitting of Aran patterns which she particularly enjoys doing.

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