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Overview The Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust (BHCT) was founded as the formal charitable arm for accepting donations and fundraising on behalf of the Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB).

The Trust consists of people with a wide set of skills from a broad cross section of the community. It is unique in the fact that it will be responsible for advising on fundraisng as well as managing the distribution of donations.

As a Trust, the Hospitals Charitable Trust is an entirely separate entity from the Bermuda Hospitals Board and the Ministry of Health. It is governed by its own Board of Trustees who determine the fundraising policy and are responsible for its sound fiscal management of those funds.

The BHCT works in close partnership and collaboration with the BHB.

The Charitable Trust Board members are: Philip Butterfield, Chairman; Alan Thompson, Deputy Chairman; David Lang, Secretary; Gil Tucker, Treasurer; Andrew Martin, Legal Counsel; Jonathan Brewin; Gavin Arton; Peggy Couper, Don Mackenzie; Jane Spurling; Lady Jacqueline Swan; Austin Thomas; Dr. Wilbert Warner; and ex-officio members, Herman Tucker, BHB Chairman; David Hill, BHB CEO; and Wendy Augustus, BHCT Executive Director.
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