Sparkle - Nominated Cabinet of SFXC Student Union 2012-2013

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About St. Francis Xavier's College Student Union (SFXCSU) 2012-2013
Description Meaning of SPARKLE :

S - Sincere 真誠
P - Positive 積極, 正面
A - All-round 全面
R - Reliable 可靠
K - Kind 親切, 友好
L - Luminous 發光發亮
E - Efficient 有效率

Proposed Committee Members :

- Proposed Chairman
5B Lo Ka Po 盧家溥

- Proposed Internal Vice-Chairman
5E Chiu Yat Tung 招日東

- Proposed External Vice-Chairman
5C Chow Ka Wai 周嘉偉

- Proposed Internal Secretary
4B Chan Ho Yeung 陳浩揚

- Proposed External Secretary
4B Ng Wing Chun 伍穎晉

- Proposed Promotion Secretary
5A Lai Hoi Tung 賴凱東

- Proposed I.T. Secretary
5B Leung Cheuk Hang 梁卓恒

- Proposed Financial Secretary
4C Tsang Kwok Hang 曾國鏗

- Proposed Public Relations Secretary
3B Tsui Sing Long 徐聲朗

- Proposed Welfare Secretary
3B Cheung Tsz Man 張子文

發貼及留言 規則

1. Everyone has the right to post and comment on this page.
一、 所有人皆可發貼及留言。

2. Personal attacks, insults or violation of laws are strictly prohibited.
二、 不可以人身攻擊,或侮辱他人,同時遵守香港法律。

3. All pornographic content and foul language are strictly prohibited.
三、 內容不可以含有色情成份,或粗言穢語。

4. Administrators of page can delete any posts and comments that are considered as irregularities.
四、 管理員有權把所有違規貼文或留言刪除。

Mission 1. We value every Xaverian's points of view, hence we will do our best to act as a bridge and deliver these opinions to the school.

2. We will provide all-round services to all Xaverians, as well as carry out what we have promised enthusiastically.

3. In accordance to the needs of Xaverians, we will conduct different activities with the aim of elevating the cohesion among Xaverians, as well as their senses of belonging to the school.

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