Bring back 10 year validity on NZ passports

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About Like us if you want NZ passports to be valid for 10 years again
Description NEW ZEALAND has always had a well-respected passport, however in 2005 our passport validity was halved to 5 years.

However our passport validity is effectively 4.5 years because most countries require you to leave 6 months before your passport expires.

Why 5 years? Australia, the UK and even the terrorist frightened USA have 10 year adult passport validity, however since 2005 New Zealanders were not given this option.

Like us, share us, and tell our government that we would like to see a return to the option of 10 year adult passport validity. If we can get every NZ Citizen to like us, we can send a clear message to our government that New Zealanders want the option of a 10 year adult passport.
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