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Overview New Replacement Mavic Freehub Kit

New Replacement Mavic Freehub Kit Does your rear hub make a loud howl while coasting? Trouble shifting? Grab the cassette and check side to side play. If it's more than two sprocket thicknesses, and your freehub howls then your hub bearings are worn out! If you hate having to buy an expensive freehub assembly, only to replace one or two bearings, here's the solution! Determine which level kit you want to buy and save at least 2/3 the cost of a new freehub (kit1). See kit levels below. This is long sought relief for those of you who know what is worn out but also know that your freehub will last for years and probably as long as you service it. SORRY NOT AVAILABLE IN BICYCLE STORES So why does my rear hub make a load howl when coasting? The answer is that the large lightweight polymer freehub bushing is worn and now has more clearnace than it was designed to handle. That causes extra heat and friction which causes the freehub bushing to slip/stick and hence the howling noise. Wouldn't the cassette and hub merely sag on the axle? Yes, but when your wheel axcellerates the loose bushing has less contact with the inner hub, causing excess heat and noise. Can't I just oil it more and it willl go away? The noise will return soon probably when you least want it to, like on a single track decent. Sorry for the dig, but when you apply tension on the chain the freehub bearing squeezes the oil out of the bearing clearance. Your time, piece of mind and your ride satisfaction are well worth servicing the rear hub. Now you can choose which parts you want to replace. The new inner bushing is custom machined, (in the USA), from high grade industrial bearing stock optimized to spin on hard anodized aluminum hubs. Compared to Nylon, this material is stronger; lower friction; more heat and wear resistant, and will not absorb water. Nylon can absorb up to 13% water compared to 0.3% for our bearing. What this means is our bearing can last a lot longer and will not damage your hub! And our bearing is made completely round on the flange so it fits just like the original part! If your inner bearing is worn out, your outer bearing has been taking more load. Why not replace it too? The outer ball bearing is also included in kit 2 and 4! The good news is that Mavic hubs are actually very easy to rebuild, with our step-by step-illustrated instructions, you can judge what's involved and what tools you need. If you don't have time to do the work yourself your mechanic can install these in about 15-20 minutes. See the listed wheel types below. If your model is not listed disassemble your hub (it likely needs cleaning anyway) and compare it. See this instructions link at For Mavic wheels only: Ksyrium, Aksium, Cosmic, Helium, Crossmax , Deemax, Crossland, Crossride, Crossland with FTS-L and FTS-X hubs.
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