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About Global Awareness of Human's Rights for Women
Limited Fiscal Sponsor: Korean American Women's Association
Mission We are trying to erect Comfort Women (Forced sex-slaves in WWII) Peace Statue in public place to increase awareness of this crime against girls and women throughout the world and help to prevent crime against women and humanity. Please join us!
Overview “Comfort Women” was the designation for over 200,000 documented women, mostly young Asian girls(12 years to 32 years old women), who were taken by the Japanese military and coerced into sexual slavery during World War II. Similar types of crime is happening all of the world even now. Even in the US, many victims of Human Trafficking exsit.

This project is to bring a replica of the famous Seoul Kim Woon-sung & Kim Suh-kyung “Peace Girl Statue”, which symbolizes those sexual slavery victims, to Michigan to acknowledge the wartime violence against women and humanity.

This donated statue placed in a public place, will be a permanent and eternal memorial dedicated to those sad victims and condemning the heinous crimes committed by human beings against other human beings.

Most people in the world have good knowledge of WWII and some knowledge of what happened in Europe, especially the sad story about the Jewish holocaust. However, not many people have knowledge of the atrocities Japan inflicted on neighboring countries Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia, etc. We want use this opportunity to remind and educate the public about this part of history so that this heinous crime will not be repeated and to help stop similar crimes happening in the world today. Come to KAWA’s Annual Dance Party to hear more detail or send your tax deductible donation to KAWA for the “Comfort Women Peace Statue Project”. Please print out the flyer and talk to someone about the project.
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