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Description Have Paypal account.
Watch previewed items two days prior to sale.
Purchase items with Paypal Thursday starting 8PM EST.

A single LIVE sale each week on Thursday nights at 8:00 PM EST. Each sale will last a little over an hour. Two days prior to the sale we will post preview pictures. Preview is the time to ask questions about each item (not price or quantity) as the sale happens fast and you will not have time to ask questions during the sale. During the sale a picture with the price, quantity available for purchase & measurements will be posted. You must continuously refresh your browser during the sale so you will not miss the next posting. Items will post approximately every 60 to 90 seconds. If you'd like to purchase simply comment the word SOLD, your email address & the state your item is being shipped to under the item. We recommend having this information ready to paste as a comment as items sell very quickly and you may miss an item typing this information in. A confirmation list will be posted at the end of each sale. You will receive a PayPal invoice the next business day. You have 24 hours from receipt of invoice to pay or the item goes to the next person on the comments list. This means you may still get an item even if low on the list. Once payment is received the item will then ship within 2 business days. The price you pay includes USPS shipping. There are no returns. If your item is damaged upon arrival, possibly due to shipping, private message us immediately.

We are a gift & jewelry boutique, a real store. We are not a fly by night operation out of someones basement. I have been buying and designing jewelry for my store for about ten years and lately we have been purchasing the most current fashion jewelry on a weekly basis. The items for sale are the same high quality items sold in my Boutique, at great prices. Our fashion jewelry & accessories are chosen to ensure you have the most current styles being sold at great prices. Styles and supplies are limited to ensure exclusivity. Buying here should ensure you won't see the same piece while out on the town.

Items awarded based on your position on the comments list, first to last. We remove your email information quickly after the sale. Available numbers of items may change. You must make an individual comment with the word SOLD your email and state for each item you want to purchase. To purchase multiples of a single item, you must post an individual comment for each (you may not say "SOLD 2" or "I want two". All business correspondence must be by phone or email, not by comments as comments may be missed or deleted. If you are thrilled, about your experience, please feel free to comment on the page. This page will be refreshed each week.
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