Cross Stitched Eyes

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About "POGO POPES" since 2005. - Official Facebook Page.
Description " An international three piece consisting of members from the US, Germany and England, CROSS STITCHED EYES pays obvious homage to gloomy UK punk bands of yore like RUDIMENTARY PENI and AMEBIX (especially in the vocals) without sounding overly contrived. With a solid foundation of heavy, pounding drums, dark, driving riffage, and an overall evil/scary ambience." - MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL.

" Cross Stitched Eyes' tosses together a sickeningly saucy blend of punk, crust, deathrock, and goth (...) and collectively play some of the gloomiest music this side of the pending apocalypse!" - ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES.

" Cross Stitched Eyes is a classic agro-punk band that harkens back to a simpler, angrier time." - JERSEY BEAT.

" Welcoming slab of potently drilled gloom doomed agit heavy load bearing punk grind. (...) an unmistakable affinity with KILLING JOKE (...) a DNA cross match impishly at work fusing elements of Discharge with a rabid Dead Kennedy’s." - LOOSINGTODAY.
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