YOGI & BOO Clothing Manufacturing

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About Garment & Clothing Manufacturer based in Bali, Indonesia.
Description A mid to high end clothing/garment manufacturing company based in Bali Indonesia, with a branch office in Australia producing for designers, boutiques, company uniforms and apparel.
Cut, make, trim, print and process every aspect of clothing production from start to finish. A one stop clothing manufacturer to cater all your business needs.
Mission To become Bali's premiere boutique clothing manufacturing firm.
Overview Established in the late 1980’s YOGI & BOO was one of the first clothing manufacturer in Bali, Indonesia. After more than 25 years and YOGI & BOO has become the premiere mid size boutique clothing manufacturing firm in Bali.

Our minimums are 30-80 Units/items per style in a single colour and a total of 500pcs in a single order. This minimum may increase for kids/children's wear or smaller items.

Please visit www.YOGIandBOO.com for more info and great products from the finest clothing manufacturer you'll ever deal with.
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Web site www.YOGIandBOO.com

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