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About Urogynecological Physical Therapy Clinic
Description Kirk Center for Healthy Living is committed to the complete wellness of all our patients. We are a physical therapy clinic specializing in women's and men's pelvic health.

We have several services and specialties. Our expertise in these areas is based on years of experience and advanced continuing education training.

Please review the below for information regarding some of our services and specialties:

* Stress Incontinence -- Leaking urine with coughing, sneezing, laughing, running or lifting
* Urge Incontinence -- Leaking urine because can't get to the bathroom in time
* Urinary Frequency -- Going to the bathroom more often than every 4 hours
* Fecal Incontinence -- Loss of control over bowel movements or inability to hold back gas
* Post-Prostatectomy Incontinence -- Leaking urine after prostate surgery
* Dyspareunia -- Pain with intercourse, tampon use or gynecologic exams
* Osteoporosis -- Decreased bone mass resulting from a decrease in estrogen, resulting in a high risk for fractures
* Endometriosis Pain -- Abdominal/pelvic pain resulting from the lining of the uterus displaced outside of the uterus
* Interstitial Cystitis -- Irritation of the lining of the bladder, feelings of abdominal/pelvic pain and bloating
* Post-C-Section Pain -- Pain along incision site or back pain with weakness
* Post-Episiotomy Pain -- Pain along vaginal incision made during childbirth with symptoms which can include burning, stinging and pain with intercourse
* Coccydynia -- Pain along tailbone, especially with sitting
* Pudendal Nerve Entrapment Pain with sitting, sexual activity or bike riding, with pain decreasing when sitting on a toilet
* Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) -- Symptoms of bloating, gas pains and intestinal spasms
* Chronic Constipation -- Inability or decreased frequency of bowel movements accompanied by abdominal pain and bloating
* Surgical Scars -- Adherence of surgical scar to underlying tissues and organs creating decreased movement and decreased functioning of organs
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