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It’s hard out there for atheists. We’re often called the most hated group in America, ranking right under Zombies, CommuNazis, and even Republicans.
Description Welcome to The Proud Atheist. Are you proud of your atheism? Then come on in.

The Proud Atheist, like most amazing ideas, was founded while under the influence of one, if not several mind-altering drugs. And, like a rare few halluceno-ideas, it was a good one.

As most of the TPA team is sick of mooching off of our (very religious) families. Please, oh please, buy our goods.
Mission Extraordinary claims require extraordinary shirts.
Overview Sure, we can run to the safety of our internet forums, our Hitchens and our Dawkins books, and dream of someday living in Europe, but wouldn’t it be stronger, wouldn’t it send a better message to simply live out and proud as an atheist? Make a powerful statement that we are moral, giving people who can be good to our neighbors and love one another without having a personal faith or belief in the irrational.

Such a statement helps change people’s minds about what atheism is.
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