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About Welcome to the official page for BC® Powder! For more info, visit us at http://www.bcpowder.com/ and follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/BCPowders
Overview Got tough pain. Take BC® Powder and Shake it off.

Fast pain relief for tough pain.

No matter where you're hurting, BC® Powder offers pain relief for you. Unlike some tablets that can sit in your stomach for a while, BC® is a powder. The same goes for our Arthritis Strength BC® Powder that was introduced in 1985.

What’s the story of BC® Powder? BC® Powder has a heritage unlike any other pain reliever. In 1906, at their pharmacy in Durham, NC, Germain Bernard and C.T. Council formulated a new effective pain reliever. BC® Powder soon developed a loyal customer following. Since then, the BC® Powder tradition has been passed from generation to generation and friend to friend.

For over 100 years, hardworking Americans have reached for BC® Powder for fast relief of even their toughest aches and pains. Millions of people today rely on BC® Powder to feel better sooner. BC® Powder is here for you, too - helping you to put in a productive day’s work and enjoy time with family and friends.

What does it mean to Shake It Off?

It means that you don’t worry when life throws a lot of aches and pains your way, because you’ve got a fast way to get rid of them.

Shake It Off means that you know the very best way to take care of business – whether you’re working on the job or around the house.

Actually, it’s the way our friend Trace Adkins does things. You know, sticking with that common sense, time-tested approaches that really do work, even if they're the ones your grandparents used. It's also about being willing to try new and maybe smarter ways to get things done. Most of all, it's about getting things done right.

Welcome to the official BC® Powder Facebook fan page where you can learn more about the legendary headache powder and its ability to tackle tough headache pain fast.

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