First Vita Plus - Everyday Vitamins in a Drink

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About The information presented in this FB page is not intended to be a substitute for diagnose and medical care. They are solely for information and education purposes. Please consult a medical or health professional if you have questions about your health.
Description First Vita Plus is a source of livelihood. If you want to earn extra income consider the great oppotunities in Vita Plus. Improve your health and wealth!
Mission FIRST VITA PLUS is on a mission to open the doors of opportunity for all --breaking the barriers of race, gender, social class, education, religion, profession and even disability. We want success to be reachable, attainable and possible.

Overview First Vita Plus was founded by Rhodora "Doyee" Tactacan-Tumpalan on August 8, 2005 and has since grown into a respectable and well managed Multi Level Marketing Company in the Philippines.

FIRST VITA PLUS sees a dynamic new market taking its rightful place in the global market, where the Filipino nutraceutical industry is on equal footing with the world’s best natural health products; where Filipino ingenuity will be showcased through our company and through our people.

'Buy Global Pinoy' is our call for Filipino recognition and our unequivocal support for Filipino organic products. Now is the time to fully maximize the wealth of our herbal market.

Strength, stability and sustainability best represent the values that FIRST VITA PLUS stands for. We put a high premium on integrity and loyalty as keys to continued market leadership and value the efforts that dealers, suppliers and consumers contribute to our success.

Proudly, we are a global pinoy company working for the global recognition of our products and our people.

Phone +639228056677 (Sun)

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