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About Fashionable at reasonable prices.
Thursday : 7-10 working days waiting
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Description KRISTINE COUTURE is a PRE-ORDER BASIS except for ON HAND items and BEAUTY products.

The first product that has been launched is "Professional Skin Care Products".

At first it was a fun experience to get in line in the business world. One day i woke up with full of inspirations to search for my own products that I will have a direct supplier. Then I was amazed with Korean's fashion style. Its so trendy and cute...

Consequently I was able to find a supplier in Korea, China, Japan, and Singapore.

It is indeed a hard time for me and sleepless nights were killing me. I really had no idea of business because I am a nurse and so I am clueless. But with God's help, He gave me a wisdom to think of strategies. Now together with Almighty God, EL Shaddai, I am here, a registered business woman, a NURSE-ENTREPRENEUR.

People might think that "ohhh it's just online, you just have to click and answer all their queries" Well that's not it , you should have to have a full determination in all endeavors, and great patience because you will be dealing with different people and culture. Seriously 24 hours for me isn't enough because I am alone in this business but luckily I was able to survive until now, and maybe because I enjoyed doing this. I love the feeling of whenever a buyer is satisfied with your products and services rendered to them.

♥ I am open for suggestions on ways to improve my service and shop in decent manner :P ♥

This is my shop..and this is all about me ^.<

God bless US!
Phone +639163968627.
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