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Description The Lohana, also referred to as Luvana and Luhana, are an Indian caste, traditionally largely occupied as merchants.The Lohanas are divided into three separate cultural groups as a result of centuries apart in different regions. Thus there are significant differences between the culture, language, professions and societies of Sindhi Lohanas (those who migrated from Sind after partition of India), Kutchi Lohanas (those living or having ancestry in Kutch), and those of Gujarati Lohanas (those living or having ancestry in Saurashtra).HistoryAlthough considered to be Vaishya in the Hindu ritual ranking system known as varna, the Lohanas favour a mythical origin as members of the Kshatriya varna. Their claim is to be of Suryavanshi descent from a lineage tracing back to Lava, son of Rama. At least some of them believe that they belong to the Rathor clan, which they consider to be kshatriya. They claim that their name is derived from Lavnam, one of the 18 grades of Kshatriya, ultimately derived from Lava himself.In the 7th century, there was a Buddhist ruler named Agham Lohana ruled a part of Sindh and was Governor of Brahmanabad and contemporary of Chach of Alor. Agham Lohana is referred to in Chach Nama and the city of Agham Kot is said to be named after him. Even the sea around was known as Lohana Darya (Darya means Sea). Chach of Alor killed Agham Lohana in battle of Brahmanand and married his widow and also married his niece to Agham's son Sirhind. Further, Chach is said to have laid restrictions of Lohana and Jat tribes from wearing headgear and carrying weapons. He further placed upon the Jat and Lohana restrictions such as:

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