Griffon 2000 TD hovercraft

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Description The Griffon 2000 series is a light-weight hovercraft built in the United Kingdom by Griffon Hoverwork and used principally by military and rescue organisations.BackgroundGriffon Hoverwork of Hythe, England has designed, manufactured and operated hovercraft for over 40 years.GHL was the first manufacturer to use turbo-diesel engines on hovercraft, which increases durability compared to conventional gasoline engines when exposed to salt water conditions. The company produces an extensive range of hovercraft, with payloads between 0.38 and 12 tonnes.ConfigurationThe 2000 series was introduced in the early 1990s. The 2000TD series is slightly smaller than the older SR.N 6 hovercraft popular with commercial and military services during the 1970s, and has largely replaced the older SR.N6 series in most of these roles. Because it is constructed almost entirely out of aluminium the 2000TDX is less than half the weight of the older SR.N6 hovercraft.The 2400TD was designed in 2008 due to the popularity of the 2000 series. It has greater obstacle clearance, is capable of carrying a higher payload and can reach higher speeds than the previous craft.Commercial useGriffon Hoverwork have provided hovercraft to passenger services around the world, as hovercraft can provide a faster and more economical service than conventional ferries or catamarans. For 8 years GHL operated a passenger service up and down the River Thames in London, and hovercraft were the only vehicles allowed to operate at high speed along the river, as they produce very little wash or wake.

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