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About Get your "Support the Troops" bracelets! Only $8, and every single penny goes towards Alexander Hussey and his family. If you want to order, message here with your wrist size and how many you would like and your order will be complete :)
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Welcome to Kirk's Paracords! Here, you can create and make orders for your own, 100% handmade military 550 paracord bracelet. Here, your "wrist" is our command! From favorite colors, to school colors, to favorite teams, your choices are unlimited.

For a standard, one color wrist bracelet, the total, no matter what color, is just $8! Any additional color added to the bracelet is $1 extra.

If you would like an ankle bracelet, the standard, one color any color bracelet, is only $10! Any additional color is $1.50 extra

We are always running our special "Support the Troops" bracelets. The choices of band colors are light brown or camouflage, and ALL proceeds go towards Alexander Hussey, a US Army solider who was critically wounded in an I.E.D explosion on August 7th.

We are also always running our special "QuakerCords", a multicolored, maroon and gray wristband for all Franklin High School students, teachers, and parents, that is just $8! Support your school at sporting events, fundraisers, or just to show off around the halls, Kirk's Paracords has it all!

*With every bracelet sold, all money is going towards making the materials for the "Support the Troops" bracelets, or with each "Support the Troops" bracelet, every penny is going towards Alexander Hussey.*
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