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Description 海峡指数(马)私人有限公司,创立于1998年,是马来西亚技术分析提供者的先锋。除了为股市专家与个人提供股市技术分析软件以外, 更配合了吉隆坡股票交易所,为我们的用户提供准确的股市行情及最齐全的股项交易数据。此外,海峡指数也是大马证券委员会SIDC-CPE 培训课程的提供者,同时课程也被专业财务规划团体所承认,如认证财务规划师协会(FPAM)及NAMLIFA。

海峡指数的宗旨,是提供给顾客正统的技术分析知识,配合基本分析,以求减低不必要的投资风险,提高投资回筹。除了提供培训课程给 广大的投资者以外,海峡指数也是星洲日报、联合日报、精明理财及光华日报的专栏作者。

Straits Index (M) Sdn Bhd was founded in 1998, is an approved Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC)-CPE Training Provider.

Our mission is to educate our clients about technical analysis, with combination of fundamental analysis, and provide the right tool that allow our clients to make profitable investment decisions in the stock market. We are also a columnist at Sin Chew Daily, United Daily, Money Compass magazine, and Kwong Wah Daily.
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