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Description Are you getting what you need from your supplements?
Don’t waste your money on supplements that aren’t suitable for your needs, or don’t have high enough doses of nutrients. Our supplements have all been carefully researched and chosen as the best available products by our naturopath and nutritionist.

Free consultation and advice — If you’re not sure exactly what you need, or need to discuss your symptoms with someone, you can contact our degree qualified naturopath/nutritionist Leanne Bremner who will provide you invaluable lifestyle and nutritional advice to help you with your health management.

Easy online ordering — simply find your product, order on line and have it delivered to you anywhere in Australia

Free nutritional information — You’ll also receive free information leaflets helping you integrate nutrition and naturopathy into your health management plan.

What sets our products apart from over the counter products?
Our products have been selected because they contain higher doses and greater variety of nutrients in a form that is easier for your body to absorb.

What supplements are available?: Tresos B multivitamin, prenatal supplements, magnesium biocell formula, quality tested fish oil, glucosamine, Beta ACE, Mediherb herbal sleep and liver detoxification formulas, kava, coenzyme Q10.

Mission NOT JUST ANY SUPPLEMENT. High Quality online vitamins, online herbs, naturopath and nutritionist prescribed.
Pharma Safety Info Please ask our Sydney based naturopath if you are unsure about your requirements. Please advise if under any medication.
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