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About A new and innovative therapeutic device to relieve poor circulation.
Description Introducing The NEW Circulation Booster v3® - a new and innovative therapeutic device to relieve poor circulation, which has Class 2a Medical Certification, could make a real difference to your quality of life if you suffer from poor blood circulation. It's also Diabetic Friendly.

With age, lifestyle or genetics, many people suffer narrowing or reduced elasticity of the veins (poor circulation). This restricts normal blood flow, regardless of how much exercise you do. The Circulation Booster v3® performs therapeutic muscle stimulation which is easy-to-do. Applied through large foot pads this device helps to rapidly increase blood circulation. When using the Circulation Booster blood is immediately circulated throughout the foot and pumped back up through the legs, improving your blood circulation and reducing fluid retention and swelling around the ankles.

Stimulating muscle contraction to increase blood flow, The Circulation Booster v3® has helped thousands of people improve their poor circulation, mobility and general wellbeing. Just 30 minutes a day while watching TV, reading or working at your desk will give you significant, long lasting improvement. Stop poor blood circulation today!

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