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About 文化自信,源于优质阅读, 英国华人的首选中文纸媒。电子报线上免费阅读: 广告事宜请洽:+44(0)2080998888
Description 《华闻周刊》是亿诺传媒倾力打造的新华人社区精英读本,简体中文排版,64版全彩印刷,初始印量3万5千份,发行遍及全英及爱尔兰共和国40个城市。

The Chinese language newspaper provides all-round quality coverage on both UK and international stories and features separate, dedicated Culture and Metropolitan sections.
Independent, fresh and forward-looking, it is the only newspaper that uses Simplified Chinese (standardized Chinese characters prescribed for use in Mainland China after 1949) on the UK media market, targeting 400,000 Chinese readers.
The 48-page newspaper reaches an educated, opinion forming audience within the Chinese speaking community, with a weekly circulation of 30,000 copies in 40 cities throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Currently, an efficient collaboration with media networks both in mainland China and around the world such as Europe, America and Australia enables the Chinese Weekly to deliver the image of the UK to our readers currently outside the country.
Phone 0044 (0) 208 099 8888
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