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About Cincinnati Golden Gloves & PAL
Description Programs-

Amateur Boxing

Amateur boxing is open to young men and women from 8 to 18 years of age. There is no physical fitness requirement to enter the program. They are open for enrollment year round. Programs meet Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. The weight ranges for boxing competition are 60 pounds to 201 pounds.

BaAaD (Boxers against Alcohol and Drugs)

BaAaD is an integral part of the boxing curriculum and is taught in a classroom setting with films, speakers and publications. The goal is to educate the youth to keep them from using drugs.


Participants in our programs must maintain a 2.5 GPA. If they do not attain this, we arrange for tutors.


For the young boxers who have emotional problems, we have an eminent doctor of psychology who volunteers to counsel them.

Code of Conduct

A code of conduct has been established that is signed by all coaches, boxers and parents/guardians.
Mission -To provide means and method for the exchange of ideas, experiences and information regarding the causes and treatment of youth's problems and to develop constructive program to resolve them.
-To build character and self-esteem through systematic programming designed specifically for the benefit of youths.
-To participate in structured sports competitions locally, regionally and statewide in the interest of youths.
-To help our youths enrich their lives and become better citizens through community involvement projects.
Overview Cincinnati Golden Gloves has three franchises: Golden Gloves, the Police Athletic League (PAL) and USA Boxing . We are a non-profit organization that builds character and self-esteem through programs designed specifically for the benefit of youth. The organization holds local boxing shows and sends boxers to other cities and all major tournaments. During the past eight years our boxers have won over 60 championships and some became Olympians. We are just as proud of the young men who have not won any titles but have gone on to live productive lives.

Golden Gloves

Since 1923 Golden Gloves has provided an opportunity for young athletes to develop lifetime skills through hard work, discipline, sportsmanship, self-respect and pride. The Golden Gloves program has led the way in promoting amateur boxing in the United States and has produced the majority of competitors for America's boxing teams in the Pan-Am and Olympic Games.

Police Athletic League (PAL)

PAL is based on the belief that children, if reached early enough, can develop a strong, positive attitude toward police officers. PAL is a recreation oriented juvenile crime prevention program that relies heavily on athletics to tighten the bond between police officers and the kids in the community.

USA Boxing

USA Boxing is the national governing body of amateur, Olympic-style boxing, and is the United States' member organization of the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA). As a national governing body recognized by the United States Olympic Committee, USA Boxing is responsible for the administration, development and promotion of Olympic-style boxing in the United States.


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