La Suite Oceana Beach Resort

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About La Suite Oceana
Description La Suite-Oceana promises a beautiful day under the sun, only for grown-ups! Swimming, sunbathing, relaxing, sports ... summer has just begun and La Suite-Oceana is there waiting for you, near the infinite sea…
The trip starts right out of the Damour highway, taking the fork leading to Oceana. It's not just the noise of the city receding and fading away; it is nature that reigns, peace taking hold.
Wood in all its forms and multiple uses shows a string of matches between a bed set out of strips, a bar with an asymmetric shape, cabins with stretched white stoles and chairs. That's it, you can relax, offer your body to the sun, especially if you remember to book in advance. Although reservations are not necessary, they are certainly preferable, for the place is usually crowded. But no worries: La Suite-Oceana has room for about 700 people in its many corners
A foretaste of the evenings occasionally held in La Suite-Oceana, extends till past midnight the usual "last call” of 7:00 P.M., when the sun sets over Beirut.
Ten minutes away from the capital, there reigns an unusual feeling of soothing comfort… You are surrounded by high green grass, all the worries of the outer world are gone, and nothing beyond the eye’s reach can matter … So, on your marks!

For reservation: 03-191515

Tickets Price: 20$ week days (Mon-Fri)
22$ weekends (Sat-Sun)

Phone 009613998080 - 009613191515

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