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About In a world where complexity increasingly touches every aspect of our daily lives, our innovations will lead in bringing care and simplicity to people.
Mission Sanford's mission is to convert to technological innovations into products for the benefit of every class of the society by its innovative technology and state of the art research and development wing.
Overview Sanford offers a comprehensive range of Electronics & Home Appliance
products. Sanford products are known for their quality, durability, ease
of use and innovative technology. We listen carefully to our customers
and work with them to ensure they receive the best products and service
to fulfill their technology needs.

Sanford now has a range of MORE THAN 1,000 PRODUCTS.

Sanford’s entertainment range gives the customers the Freedom to Choose
from its fabulous range, from DVD Players to Home Theatres, Color TV
to the stylish energy saving estilo LCDs. The entertainment collections also
include audio systems, headphones, radio cassette recorder, boom box, etc.

Sanford’s white goods collections include air conditioners (fixed, portable
and split), washing machine and vacuum cleaner.

Sanford has an extensive range of Home Appliances including telephone,
fan, iron boxes, insect killers, etc. Each product has different models
with different specifications to accommodate the changing needs of
the customers.

The kitchen collection from Sanford brings smiles on the faces of every
housewife. The all embracing kitchen range including electric, microwave
and gas ovens, gas stove , a variety of juicers and blenders, hand and
stand mixer, food processor and chopper, etc., makes cooking an
enjoyable experience.

Sanford’s flagship luminous collection is a class of its own. The search
light collection has the innovative signature collections viz. army and
navy series, with the most powerful beam and an unbreakable body
and front lens. The emergency lights collections include LED and CFL
emergency lanterns with more than 30 hours of operating time. Sanford’s
personal gadgets help every man and woman to be in line with current
trends. The personal gadgets include hair cutter, styler, trimmer,
straightener, trimmer for ladies and gents along with personal scale,
facial sauna and massager.

So sanford gives its customers, THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE.
Phone 800 SANFORD (7263673) UAE TOLL FREE
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