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About We are Bike Cops In Minneapolis. With positive kid contacts, we give out hundreds of free Helmets, lights, locks and even some free bikes. Watch for us.
Description In 2009 we built this project with an idea to use bike helmets to connect with kids in north Mpls. We received a grant from the Ciresi Foundation, support from the PEACE Foundation and found an amazing partner in Penn Cycle. Other project partners include North Memorial Medical Center, The Pohlad Foundation, and Bell sports equipment.

What followed was incredible support from the community and the greater Minneapolis bicycle community. Throughout the summer folks were able to follow our project through a blog at and the word spread. Other donors followed and the Minneapolis Foundation adopted us with support and funding. The Feilzer family followed the lead of an anonymous individual donor, allowing us to reach out to even more kids in 2010. Dean Phillips and his family co-sponsored the project with Michael Ciresi in 2010. Donations received by folks like Todd Peron, Sue Mortensen, Janna Hottinger and Chad Hudrlik at the Fall fundraiser allowed us to plan ahead for 2011.

2011 went so well, that we were able to start planning, writing grants and securing the approvals to make the summer of 2012 the best summer ever. All of our partners have signed on to assist us and we've added another. Bern Helmet has agreed to donate some of their trend-setting brimmed helmets that will likely be arriving just in time for the summer. Watch the page for these helmets on the heads of the kids we are impacting.

Our main goal: make a special memory stick into the hard drive of a child as they grow up in challenging situations. Connect cops and kids in an unusual setting, their own yard, and use helmets, bike safety and bikes to do it. Safety is the added bonus.

Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota has generously donated 720 helmets and 56 bikes for the summer of 2012l. More profound is the relationship that the Police Department and the Hospital have forged to further strengthen the fabric of the greater community. Acknowledging that keeping kids safe and healthy is a community wide responsibility that we will all do more effectively as a team than as individuals.

We're proud of the work we do, and we're honored to be able to do it. The connections we make and the magical surprise we witness is something we never take for granted. We like to sharing it with you through this facebook page and we hope you'll share it with others so we can expand our reach and be able to impact even more kids in the future.

Thanks so much and feel free to participate in the page with suggestions, ideas and quips to keep it fun.

Sincerely, Officer Mike, Mark, Bill, Bill, Bob, James, Davey and Gary

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