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About Beirut Fashion Week ® Official Page!
Description About Us:

Beirut Fashion Week® is one of the most prestigious and biggest international events in Lebanon and the Middle East. It is a remarkable yearly event introducing the latest fashion designers colections.

Lebanon as a leading provider of fashion platform and the gate of the fashion industry in the Middle East, we take pride in presenting the best international fashion event in the region. We are dedicated to serving the needs of the fashion designers and their collections awareness in each and every event. The production and organization crew aspire to create and produce a high caliber professional event respecting international standards that received extensive media coverage.

Beirut Fashion Week officially recognized worldwide within the fashion week organizations and agenda. Tremendous media exposure! Covered by most of the regional TV stations reaching millions of TV spectators, as well the Pan-Arab and international magazines and newspapers.

Beirut Fashion Week® is a registered trademark all rights reserved.

'The utmost approach to promote your brand and collection with various exposure and be identified by national and international media, clients and retailers'

'A graceful way to promote your brand and collection while receiving exposure, and being identified by national and international media, clients and retailers'
Mission Charitable fashion show:

Beauty and charity merge in one Charitable Fashion Show, we believe the woman is the origin of life and merging beauty with children smile is the best achievement and contribution a person can do.

Beirut Fashion Week® Charity Contribution Opening Fashion Show hosting Lebanese International Designers and European Iternational Designers in one spectacular show with national and international media coverage impact reaching awareness of millions and millions of people. The profits will be donated to children charity funds.

'Together hand in hand we can present world beauty and bring back the smile to thousand of children in need'
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