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Please note that any location other than above doesn't belong to us. So, please inform us if someone claims to be associated with whisperoftheheart.net and doesn't belong to the above locations.

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You can reach us by sending an email to admin@whisperoftheheart.net or using the message button on our Facebook page.

If you want to share a message of love, hope, kindness or any positive message to our members, you can send it to us on the above contact details. If the message matches with the theme of our page, we will share it on our page and give you the proper credit on the post. Please note that sometimes it may take longer to respond, so please be patient and reply us back if you haven't heard from us within a week.


We are not associated with any other group or organization. It is a coincidence if our page name matches with any other page or organization name.

Want to help us by creating beautiful posters?

You can help us in creating these beautiful posters by joining us as our content creator. Please email us your intent at admin@whisperoftheheart.net and any other information we should know. You can also message us using the message button on our page. We will send you our guidelines for our content creators.
Please note that whisperoftheheart.net is totally based on volunteer work and there is no payment/salary for any work related to it.
Mission To make this world a better place to live with our little effort :)
Web site http://www.whisperoftheheart.net

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