The Perfect First Mate: A Woman's Guide to Recreational Boating

Description The position of First Mate is often less than glamorous, especially when serving with a strong-willed captain who has more boyish enthusiasm than organizational skills. After more than 20 years of sailing with Captain 'My Way, ' Joy Smith shares the hard-won secrets of keeping both boat and crew shipshape. She has fully updated the book for this second edition.

The Perfect First Mate helps boaters streamline tasks and maximize efficiency, safety and comfort, while above all leaving plenty of time for pleasure. Contents include storage issues, moving and sleeping comfortably below decks, keeping the cabin warm/cool, counteracting boat odor, mold and mildew, and dealing with trash, laundry, and marine toilets. One entire section is devoted to food: provisioning and storage, equipping the galley, and cooking, with original recipes included. The author also provides in-depth discussions of how to protect against the elements, avoid injury, and deal with the logistics of sailing.


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