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About is an exciting fun game!!! complete virtual stock market of cricket.Buy Players. Sell Players. Negotiate For players.Enjoy ups and downs of share LIVE.So Predict Play and Njoy.
Description CrickBazzar is a simple yet exciting fun game. Basically it is a virtual stock market of cricket. Here each player is a “share” of market. Performance of individual player decides the market value of that “share” and yes we are LIVE..!! The ups and downs of each share depends on live match. Better the performance of player better the share value.
Users can buy and sell each share at any time provided the market is open and required shares are available also user can bid for share with other user without interruption of market.

• Market is a place where you can buy player share when it is open.
• To make thing interesting Market will open for 2 hours and will close for 1 hour alternatively.
• User can buy desirable share even if market is closed by ‘Transfer Market’ or ‘Request’

Transfer Market

• It is the place where users can put their own share with profitable price or buy share if it is not available in market.
• User has to specify number of shares and base price of that share for new transfer deal
• User can raise base price upto 25% of the market price.
• Transfer Market panel is place where User can see all Transfer deals.
• If share is neither available in market nor available in transfer market then user can request share with number of share and base price to other user.
• Requests made by user will last for 2 hours and total amount will be deducted from balance.
• Every User which has at least that number of share will receive notification in their Request Panel.

Total Assets

Total assets is summation of invested amount and available balance
Please note requested amount will not be considered while calculating asset.

Available balance

Available balance it amount by which user can purchase or request share from market . No purchase or request is allowed beyond available balance.

Invested amount

Invested amount is an amount used to purchase share.

Requested amount

Requested amount is an amount which is offered by user to purchase shares.
Please note requested amount is not asset of user.

My portfolio

A user profile listing all available shares with profit or loss details.
It also lists transfer deals made by user.
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