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Description It's nice to have you here.
But: My page, my rules.
FB gives me the freedom to ban, without having to provide a reason.

This is NOT an "official" page.
It's just my hobby. I am not a meteorologist.
Although over the last two years I have been taking modules prepared by NASA and other related agencies on different aspects of tropical meteorology, flood forecasting, precipitation estimates, satellite reading, hydrology, etc.

DO NOT use what is posted for life or death decisions.
I'm not responsible for what you do. Or if you have misinterpreted what I have posted.

So listen to PAGASA. :)

This page DOES NOT PROVIDE DAILY WEATHER CONDITIONS. There are a lot of weather sites for that.
If you ask nicely, I may respond.

I watch for the development of cyclones, and post images and reports and make comments based on what I see happening.

This page deals primarily with weather and other environmental conditions that affect the Philippine Area of Responsibility. Now and then, there are postings on earthquakes, solar and space events or major occurrences from other parts of the world.

This is more to get people interested in weather and other natural phenomena and, maybe, learn a little bit in the process.

Most of the images used here are from cimss, NOAA/NASA, pagasa, Wunderground, NRL, Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanographic Center. ECMWF, TSR or otherwise indicated. They hold copyright to the images, and I use images that as far as I have seen have been allowed for public, non-commercial dissemination, or are considered "unclassified".

Please remember, this my page, I do it because I enjoy it. and so please be considerate in posting and in the language that you use. Posts with certain types of language are automatically hidden as per settings in place. Using profanity or nonsensical words may mean that the post will be automatically treated as spam and not posted.

Please make your posts in clear English or Tagalog. Text language or jejemon posts are unclear and difficult for some to understand. Other FIipino langauages are not translatable in Google or Bing, and we have some members who only speak English.

Please avoid incorrect or fancy capitalization. It make sit very difficult to read.

If you have an opinion regarding a post, you are more than welcome to write it out, however, if you make a forecast on a cyclone, you MUST indicate where you are getting the information, and we would appreciate the link.

You are free to share whatever you have seen on this page as long as you do not misquote.

If you have recently joined the page, may I suggest you look around a while and get an idea of what happens here.

Also, it would be good if you came to the page and skimmed through recent past posts rather than just relying on the top of your news feed and then ask questions that have been answered in previous posts.If the same questions are repeatedly posted, it is possible I won't respond.


Thanks! Have a nice day.

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