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Pearl Associates is the leading firm in external erection of scaffolding for buildings & shed making.
Contact : 9884449275
Description We provide a wide array of scaffold towers to meet our customers’ needs. Stair towers are also designed with a fixed pipe scaffold system and staircase units to give easy access and passageway to work at all levels. We install them in a faster and more efficient way of erecting scaffolding to tailor to all types of structures like offices, buildings, power plants, refineries, industrial buildings, renovation projects, schools, etc. We specialize in customization of pipe scaffolding to meet the exact needs of our customer.

We also undertake all kinds of shed works which include G.I sheet shed, light roof shed, Ms pipe with G.I sheet shed and coconut leaves shed. Our sheds are designed with space in mind. They are practical, long lasting and come with more than enough space to have both storage and work areas. They offer a comfortable work area on the inside and look great on the outside. They are sturdy in construction and long lasting.
Mission To satisfy the external erection needs of our clients
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