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About A page to report lost and found pets. Copper Alerts also communicates public information specific to pet safety.
Description A “Copper Alert” refers to the report and distribution of information regarding a lost, stolen, or found animal via the Copper Alert network. © Copper Alerts 2011. This Facebook page is a sister to our main website at


On TWITTER:!/CopperAlerts

THIS SITE is not for advertisements or promotions unless they are specifically for the benefit of pet owners in regards to pet safety or identification. All other posts will be removed. If anyone does continue to disregard this "rule", they may be banned from the site for the rest of the year.

There will be those who agree or disagree with the practices of Copper Alerts; such is the way with nearly every organization out there.... this being no different. In considering feedback that has been received recently, I feel that is necessary to communicate what is "Copper Alerts".

>>The wall will remain open (for now) but those posts will not be translated to the Copper Alerts email network. Only posts made through the intake form will go out. Additionally, as you know, you cannot post to a Facebook page without a Facebook account. Alerts created through the intake form do not require a Facebook account.

>>Copper Alerts is an information system. It is not a Facebook page. An information system consists of various components.......communication tools, people, sub-systems, websites, etc.

>>The work of finding lost pets is dependent on the work of those that participate in the network. Participation is voluntary and requires that certain protocol be followed. The protocol are in place so that the mission of finding lost pets is able to take place without creating more work or confusion for those who view alerts or those who develop and maintain the network.

>>The Copper Alerts initiative is to reunite lost pets and owners through the utilization of technology with the least amount of human intervention as necessary. Because this is volunteer work, the more that can be done with the utilization of technology, the better.

>>ALL the Copper Alert development is done by volunteers at no cost and as time allows.

>>An external website is the true and real website of this network. This is a Facebook page. Such as the case with all organizations. Facebook is a social media. Social media is to create communication.

>>Eventually, there will be features on the Copper Alerts website that cannot exist on Facebook such as searchable alerts.
Mission Our mission is to utilize social media and technology to reunite lost pets with their family.
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