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About NumPy and Python for big data, high performance computing, and business analytics!
Description Our Vision
We will provide open technologies for Data Integration on a massive scale, based on our vision of a structured, universal "data web". In the same way that URLs, HTML, and HTTP form the basis of the World Wide Web for documents, our technologies will be the fabric for structured and numerical data and will spearhead innovations in data management, analytics, and distributed computation.

Our Areas of Focus
Our company provides software tools, training, and integration/consulting services to corporate, government, and educational clients worldwide. Areas of expertise include geophysics, finance, business and marketing analytics, and the growing category of data science.

Our Background
Headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in New York City, Castello, Spain and Vancouver, British Columbia, our developers hold advanced degrees in a variety of fields and have 70+ years of combined development experience solving complex, real-world problems. We have focused on large-scale distributed computing, array-oriented programming frameworks, scientific computing and algorithm development, and graphics and interactive data visualization. Learn more about our development team.
Mission We will revolutionize how the world's data is stored, computed, and visualized. We will provide domain experts with flexible tools that allow them to explore their data and maximize the impact of their insights. We will empower workgroups and businesses by recognizing that data analysis is a collaborative, exploratory activity.
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