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Description With the deluge of electronic devices such as the iPod, mobile and gaming consoles, reading is turning into a dying art. It is up to us to provide the right kind of initiative to our children to learn the joys of reading a book and slowly unraveling the treasures it has to offer. To capture a child's fancy what better way than to make him / her appear in the story they set to read? DH Books is on just such a mission. To make reading a fun and interesting experience, we make personalized books that feature the child and his or her friends as characters in a story.

Your children may become a part of classic fairy tales and fantasy stories as well as become characters from popular TV shows and movies. If your choice is religious or ethnic themed books, your children and their friends could feature in such a book as well.

Made with a washable hard cover and full of beautiful and attractive full color illustrations, these personalized books are perfect gifts for any occasion, including birthdays and holidays.

Children have a natural affinity for music. Imagine how much more happiness music can give a child when the lyrics of a song has the child's name in it. The CD label is printed with the child's name and will feature a special dedication from you.

To know more about our personalized books and music CDs you can visit www.dhchildrensbooks.com.
Web site www.dhchildrensbooks.com

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