Hometown Pros

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About A non-profit corporation which partners with professional athletes to mentor young people.
Description Hometown Pros is a Non-Profit organization that strives to teach young athletes the importance of being not only physically fit, but also mentally fit, while encouraging strong character, and empowering young people to hold themselves to a higher standard than they ever have before. We host community events which feature professional and collegiate athletes with a strong desire to give back to the communities where they grew up.
Mission To promote strength of character, foster a strong work ethic, and educate young athletes on the importance of mental and physical health.
Overview Current Advisory Board includes:
Roy Miller - NFL Defensive Tackle
Juaquin Iglesias - NFL Wide Receiver
Dominique Zeigler - NFL Wide Receiver
Franklin Okam - NFL Defensive Tackle
Phone 254-307-1781
Web site http://www.hometownpros.org

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