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About Wig shop offering one on one in home and late night appointments, pick up and drop off services, payment plans and the refer a friend program. Sick of spending thousands of dollars on wig? Stop doing it! And buy a stunning wig from us instead :D
Description Why are we different? Yael Aviva Wigs is the first and only in house sheitel shop that offers payment plans, pick up & drop off services, at home one on one appointments and late night appointments, and the refer a friend program. The refer a friend program is a great way for you to make extra money. Any client you refer to Yael Aviva Wigs that makes a purchase. We will give you $50.00 as a Thank You for your support.

Please note that all sales are final and that WE DO NOT ISSUE A REFUND OR EXCHANGE FOR ANY REASON (no matter what that reason may be). To all our clients referred from Face Book we assume that you have read our company policies before deciding to to business with us. As they are clearly stated above.

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