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About Get ready for updates flying in from every Pacific Island nation - as young people grapple with the impacts of climate change and mobilise their communities to action.
Description 350 Pacific is a youth led grassroots movement working with communities to fight climate change from the Pacific Islands.

We work with organizers across 15 Pacific Island nations to highlight the vulnerabilities of our island countries to climate change, while showcasing our strength and resilience as a people.

As an organisation, we have set up, and facilitated workshops to educate and empower youth in the region, organised days of action to raise awareness on climate change and climate justice, and we have participated in the UN climate negotiations.

Now, we are mobilising the climate warriors of the Pacific Islands to challenge the fossil fuel industry.

We are part of a larger global climate movement, 350.org. We make it our business to push for change, to move the world towards renewables, to hold governments accountable for inaction on climate change, and to change the narrative of Pacific Islanders from ‘victims of climate change, to warriors of the Pacific.’

For many years, the story about Pacific Islanders and climate change has portrayed us as mere victims, a far away people who cannot do anything about the causes or realities of climate change.

We are working to change this, and that means working together as a region united, to build meaningful solidarity in the face of the climate crisis.

This also means training ourselves, and each other, to become proactive at meeting climate change impacts as they happen, and ensuring that our approach to meeting these impacts are well rooted in our traditional and cultural knowledge and strengths.

We work to serve a movement of thousands of Pacific Islanders rising to protect ourselves in the face of climate change.
Mission Our mission: To build the capacity of Pacific youth to take leadership on addressing climate change both locally and globally

Our commitment in the Pacific is to work toward:

1. Supporting young people to self-organise, and inspire communities around them on climate change, and more generally sustainability issues in the Pacific

2. Hosting inter-regional networking and knowledge sharing events

3. Fostering young people to be proud of their Pacific cultures and use this as the basis of the contributions to the climate movement.

4. Recording stories of climate change threats and the response from the Pacific, and getting getting as much global coverage as possible.

5. To be awesome and inspire awesomeness :D :D
Web site http://350pacific.org/

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