Spelling and Dictation Exercises

Description This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1870 Excerpt: ...a man and half a horse. He cannot hide his great chagrin. The chamber measures twelve feet square. He sent the widow a chaldron of coals. EXERCISE CLVII. The corsair's courage was undaunted. The country was wasted, dry, and sterile. The condor is the largest bird that flies. The silkworm spun a large cocoon. The best coffee comes from Mocha. The fruit is from the citron-tree. Corvettes are cruising near the shore. The lady showed immense conceit. The clergy will defend their rights. He and his colleague were comrades at college. The water is conveyed through a conduit of lead. The variety of colours in nature is a proof of the Divine wisdom. Commerce has been much advanced by the discovery of the mariner's compass. Their costume has been much admired. EXERCISE CLVIII. Peter the Hermit preached the first crusade. He listens to the cuckoo's song. The cushion was covered with crimson cloth. The despot fled in close disguise. The moon is in her crescent form. The crisis will take place to-day. The cypress is used as a symbol of death. The swan and the cygnets swim in the pond. The error was caused by his daughter's neglect. A new design for the divan was made. The douceur offered was of no avail. He hurt his elbow on the door. The sun will suffer an eclipse. The oak was sacred to the Druids. The donkey is a useful animal. The duchess came without the duke. ex'ile fatigue' foun'tain giraffe' gui'nea EXERCISE CLIX. An armed escort will attend. The esquire waits upon his knight. Ethics denotes the science of duty. Not a farthing will he pay. The fagots will be used as fuel. A leathern girdle bound his waist. The finances of the state are low. His dress was of the newest fashion. The flagon lay beside the fountain. The friar suffers from fatigue. Thousands died bec...

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