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About Wrinkle Market Kennel
Description Welcome to The Wrinkle Market Chinese Shar Pei Kennel and Ranch. My journey loving this remarkable breed and commitment to their constant improvement began when I saw my first Shar Pei on the front of a boat on Lake Austin, Austin, Texas. I was amazed at this unusual looking dog; I made it a goal to purchase one. Then in 1986 I purchased my first Shar Pei, a male named Che’, eight months later along came my first female, Honey. The saying is that you can not just have one; well I sure prove the theory. In the beginning as I decided to eventually breed I had not even started The Wrinkle Market, the first Pei’s were named simply after me Pat’s, then later came The Wrinkle Market, which now is refined to be The Wrinkle Market Chinese Shar Pei Kennel and Ranch.

We also are a state licensed kennel in which we care for your animals as you would while you are away. All kennels have a indoor and outdoor area for each dog.
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